School And Kinder Butterfly Incursions

Let Butterfly Adventures bring the excitement of butterflies into your school’s classroom!

The Butterfly Adventures Life Cycle Incursion Program has been developed by teachers and we have given hundreds of presentations from preschool to tertiary level. We combine elements of comedy and theatre to teach about the butterfly life cycle and metamorphosis, insect ecology, and morphology (body parts).

Our experienced and qualified educators will work with you to tailor a presentation to suit your needs.  The students will become butterfly experts and learn words like “proboscis”, “cremaster” and “spiracles”.  They will talk about this life cycle incursion for weeks.

Everyone gets to see and feed a butterfly. Plenty of photo opportunities!

The presentations are linked to AusVELS levels from foundation to Level 6.

Contact us to receive worksheets with pre- and post-incursion lesson plans and activities.

Cost (excluding GST):

  • 1 session – $280 (1-hour presentation for 25 kids)
  • 2 sessions – $250 each
  • 3-5 sessions – $230 each

Travel charges calculated from Carnegie:

21 – 30 kms – $40
31 – 40 kms – $55
41 – 50 kms – $65

Presentations and caterpillar or chrysalis kits kit packages.

We have come up with fantastic deals that include presentations, caterpillar kits for a minimum of two classes and a few kits per class.  Receive a minimum of 12% discount by combining our products and services as well as a priority booking during the busy times of the year.