Caterpillar kit refill – 6 caterpillars and plants

Caterpillar kit refill – 6 caterpillars and plants

$124.00 inc. GST

So you enjoyed the caterpillar kit and would like your pupils or kids to have the butterfly experience again. No need to pay for the whole kit this time!  Just order this refill and recycle your equipment and the instructions/education material book.

The price includes overnight delivery to most places in Australia.  We do, as always, ask for up to 2 weeks processing time.  You can now appreciate that we are dealing with very sensitive stock.

Please mention us on your Facebook [email protected] and send us your images to be in the draw to receive random goodies like chrysalises and/or butterflies to release.

What is included:

  • 6 caterpillars
  • Plant cuttings
  • Delivery via Overnight Express Post
  • email and phone support

Please click here for the full Caterpillar Kit.