Butterfly Releases

Butterfly Releases

$20.00 inc. GST

Releasing butterflies at weddings and special events is a gorgeous way to unveil the magic and say “I love you”.

Butterfly Adventures provides healthy, hand-raised butterflies for release at weddings and special events.

We guarantee to deliver healthy butterflies to you.

The Postage and Handling charge is $45. Please see more information under the product description.

You can discuss different release options with us, we have done it all in before.

We supply easy to follow instructions and telephone support to help you to look after your butterflies when they arrive.

    Cost Per Butterfly:

    2$21 each
    3 to 6$20each
    7 to 12$19 each
    13 to 24$18 each
    25+$17 each

    Select number of Butterflies below:

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We send butterflies Overnight via Toll Priority as Australia Post can’t offer the same level of reliability and tracking.   We need a few days to prepare your order, please give us at least two weeks notice. If you need the butterflies urgently (less than four weeks in advance), please call or email us first. Additional charges may apply.  If all butterflies are allocated, we may not be able to accept online orders with less than 4 weeks notice.  Please contact us first.

Any number of Butterflies (the minimum order is 2) can be released from individual envelopes or mass release boxes.  We deliver Australia wide overnight, except the islands and tops of mountains :).

We use Toll Priority to deliver butterflies to your door, overnight.  They provide good but expensive service, so the standard postage and handling charge is $45.  The advantage, however, is their reliability compared to other options.  They can also track the package in transit on Saturdays.  Because there is no pickup service on Saturday or Sunday, we can not deliver on Mondays.  When the situation is desperate:

  • you can pick up from various locations in Melbourne
  • you can organise one of your guests to bring butterflies to you from Melbourne
  • There is the same day delivery option for mainland Australia but the delivery prices start from $350.

Why choose Butterfly Adventures?

  • We have been in the business of breeding and delivering live butterflies for releases since 2003.
  • We supply butterfly species that are suitable to release in your area and the time of the year.  This is to ensure that butterflies continue to thrive after the release.
  • For most of the year, we breed and raise our own butterflies to ensure the availability and most ethical approach.
  • We are a phone call away to help you to look after your butterflies when you are not sure what to do.
  • We can advise how to best prepare and handle your butterflies for photographers and videographers.
  • We have a variety of packaging options.
  • The butterfly release yesterday was amazing! All of the guests loved it! Thank you so much for everything!!
    Naming Day – January 2017
  • To Butterfly Adventures, from the bottom of our hearts we would like to thank you for allowing us to have these butterflies in memory of those love ones who could not be at our wedding.
    Wedding – April 2017
  • The butterflies were beautiful and all survived the trip.  They were amazing and hung around for photos.  Thank you so much, it made the day really special.
    Wedding – October 2017
  • I just want to say an enormous thank you for the butterflies. It was so amazing today, 2 flew off and landed in a tree overlooking our service. The third one landed on the children of the mother whom had passed and then continued to be attracted to her youngest child. The child was able to re-catch the butterfly and took it home. Such a wonderful addition to our service.
    Memorial Service - Primary School – May 2018
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