Caterpillar and Chrysalis Kits

Chrysalis Kits

We will try to send you the Monarch chrysalises when we can but at different times of the year there are limitations in availability and we  will send the species available at the time. Butterfly chrysalises come in very different shapes: green or brown, smooth or slightly spiked and some can even wriggle! Please let us know, if you only want a Monarch but this could mean a longer wait.

Please allow up to 2 weeks (hopefully less!) for the delivery.  We use AusPost’s Express Post service for overnight delivery (rural areas will take longer) to minimise the time in transit for this precious cargo but it is almost impossible to send them straight away as we almost always have a waiting queue for the orders.  However, the good news is that you can order even a year in advance by nominating the preferred date of delivery at the checkout.  Naturally, we prioritise the earlier orders.

Caterpillar Kits

Caterpillar kit for classroom and home contains, enclosure, caterpillars and fresh plants. You can buy them all separately or all together as a set. We also provide instructions and classroom activities linked to a national curriculum for every level from Foundation to year six.

Releasing or keeping your butterflies

Butterflies require 20C or higher to fly.  They will be sleepy at lower temperatures.  The mesh cube supplied is NOT suitable for keeping butterflies for longer than 1-2 days.  If it is cold where you are, you have an option of making a larger enclosure yourself or buying one from our shop.

The butterflies can be kept as pets in a larger enclosure for 3-4 weeks, you just need to feed them.  It is easy to feed butterflies.   Soak a paper towel in sugary water (1-2 teaspoons of sugar per glass of water) and place it on top of the enclosure. Butterflies are attracted to light and always hang out at the top of the enclosure.  This is where you place your paper towel.  You can also put one at the bottom of the cage, just in case. Additionally, its a very good idea to mist the mesh of your enclosure with water to keep the butterflies hydrated.

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